Careful what you wish for.

So it’s Wednesday, a week since my last post and I sometimes wonder if I’m actually a dog with a really vivid imagination. Between work and a social jaunt across the country at the weekend, it’s been a fairly hectic few days.

One complaint that I received at the weekend was that there hadn’t been enough lunacy so far. I’m not going to go full lunatic, but here’s something from my brain. There’s a character who is a Knight. Not sure how he is in the modern age, but it’s not important. He’s there. Faced with the problems of the world he tries to battle them. But it’s the modern world. Who solves problems with swords anymore? Rap Battles. Thats how this Knight fights. There would be a pun about Rap Metal somewhere in the title. Anyone wants to contribute, drop a comment.

Back to real life. Last week started to get pretty busy at work, back to Earth with a bump and that. The first couple of days had been fairly sedate with the whole ‘back to work’ idea coming into play, but it picked up fairly quickly. That has very much carried over into this week. Worked in a different office every day so far, with another one to go on Friday. 

I have somehow become involved in a dispute with my boss. I wasn’t particularly looking to get into an argument, but when I can’t trust the word of the man I’m working for it can be tricky. I’m not so naive as to think I can avoid workplace politics I just dislike it. I’ve applied for another couple of jobs and I’ve got an interview on Friday, so hopefully some progress in the not too distant future.

The social front has fared a bit better than the work life over the last few days. Friday evening gave me the chance to catch up with a friend that I don’t get too see that often. He and his wife were back from the States for Christmas and was spending the weekend in Nottingham. I hadn’t seen them since their wedding so it was great to see them. I didn’t give the best account of myself at the time, so it was great to know that my intense lack of sobriety was more amusing than appalling.

Later Friday evening had myself and another couple of friends travelling to Chester, but actually arriving in Frodsham. It was pretty foggy, but it’s difficult to tell a story about fog. So I won’t expand too much on the journey. Upon arrival we were greeted by the two friends we had set out to visit and two more also visiting. We sat about and chatted bollocks until the early hours. Very entertaining.

We’d had grand plans for the Saturday but lacked the organisation to make them happen. Having been somewhat startled by my previous entry about planning there were various comments made about what plans I might make, including the possibility of stealing a tiger from Chester Zoo. Which is probably impractical. As it was, we went for a walk. It was good.

The evening found us in actual Chester which seemed to be quite a nice place. We partook of a couple of ‘Escape Rooms’ which was a surprisingly fun experience. Splitting into boys vs girls, the boys finished first. But the girls weren’t far behind. I’m not sure how easy it is to compare two different scenarios, so that may or may not actually mean anything. There was a slightly awkward moment afterwards where the host suggested that we must have worked well as a team and we all looked at each other slightly blankly. Group of individuals rather than a solid team methinks!

Dinner was a restaurant in Chester called Picanha. It’s a Brazilian meat restaurant. I’d recommend it, but this isn’t a food blog so that’s that.

There’s probably more to say, but I’m getting bored of saying it. And I want to catch up on Sherlock. If you want to keep up with my ramblings, you should subscribe. It’ll save me having to tell all three of you every time that I post something. 

Until next time.



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