Background Music

It’s the weekend, I’ve had better weeks and I’m wondering if anyone ever feels that the voice of Destiny has spoken to them. Literally stamped words of guidance onto your soul. If this is you, then two things apply. Firstly, seek help. Secondly, we should go for a beer. I’m not a musician. Not by […]

That there 9 til 5 Life

It’s a Thursday morning, this feels like it would work better on a Monday morning and I’m still hoping for the magic moment to come when I feel like I’ve got my shit together. Not really holding my breath, but you’ve got to have hope. So in conversation with a friend this week, it was […]

Perserverance and Perspective

It’s a Monday morning, I’ve just hit a new PR in the Squat and I’m running out of childhood mystery dilemmas to reference. Suggestions on this front welcome, but please message me privately so it isn’t obvious that I stole it. As some of you may have noticed, and a couple (literally 2, but not […]

Speshul lil’ Snowflake

It’s a Sunday morning, I’m labouring ahead under the delusion that people care what I think and I can’t understand why Ariel didn’t write Eric a letter to explain what was happening. She signed a contract, her penmanship was excellent.  I wrote recently about my desire to find a job with “regard for me as an […]

Adulting is Hard

It’s Wednesday afternoon, I’m an adult and yesterday I almost found out where Sesame Street was. Turned on the radio to hear “…studios where Sesame Street was filmed.” So close, and yet so far. When I was younger I used to think that there was a time when I would be ‘all grown up’ but […]

Careful what you wish for.

So it’s Wednesday, a week since my last post and I sometimes wonder if I’m actually a dog with a really vivid imagination. Between work and a social jaunt across the country at the weekend, it’s been a fairly hectic few days. One complaint that I received at the weekend was that there hadn’t been […]

New Year, Same Old Me

I am still 27, I still don’t know what Wally has been hiding from all these years but I am twice as experienced at 2017 than I was last time we spoke.  What I’ve come to realise in that (admittedly modest) period of self-reflection is that I’m not looking to re-invent myself entirely. I’m not […]